Hi Managers – 

Thank you for your diligence in caring for your team members and your communities.  I am seeing and hearing examples of our values lived out everywhere.  I am especially loving the innovation and creativity being exhibited to find solutions to various challenges related to the virus.  Here are some notes to consider:

  1. We are recommending that all Board meetings be held by phone.  You need your Board to approve this.  See attached for guidelines about Board meetings by phone.  There is a lot of helpful info in this attachment. You can forward to Board.
    1. You can get conference call support from IT.  Be sure to use different call-in information for Executive and Regular sessions.  See attachment for mechanics of setting up Executive and Regular Session Meetings by phone.
    2. If your association uses the facilities of another HOA for Board meetings, check immediately to see if that facility is still available to you.  Many HOAs are prohibiting the use of these facilities by other HOAs.
  2. We are recommending that all hearings and committee meetings either be postponed or scheduled to be held by phone.  Committee meetings can be held by phone in the same way as Board meetings (but without the same notice requirements).  Hearings can also be held by phone, but that can require some additional steps.  If possible, we recommend to postpone hearings.  If you need to schedule hearings by phone, contact IT for direction.  (Note:  IT is working out steps to do this.  Wait until Tuesday to ask them about this.)
  3. We are recommending that Boards at least discuss and consider closing pools, club rooms and other amenities.  At the very least, the areas need deeper cleanings. Ultimately, though, this is a Board decision.
  4. On-Sites:  
    1. Recommend that your janitorial service is increased to provide extra cleanings of desks, door handles, and other commonly touched surfaces.
    2. Make sure that your front desk is supplied with hand sanitizer, gloves, and disinfectant spray.
    3. Work to find ways for all of your staff to keep 6 feet away from other people
    4. Keep staff from entering any units
    5. Believe there is a better way!  There are ways that front desks can operate safely within the recommended guidelines – and still perform their jobs – and still get a paycheck!  Find creative solutions.  They will be different in every situation, but create temporary new protocols like:
      1. Keep residents/guests six feet away from front desk to ask questions, etc.
      2. Keep front desk staff behind the desk.
      3. Clean desk with sanitizer every time personnel change at a desk
      4. Find ways to distribute packages while maintaining 6 foot separation
      5. Ensure that staff wears gloves
  5. If there is an infection reported in your community/building:
    1. Notify your Senior Manager
    2. Notify Matthew Holbrook
    3. Notify your Local Health Department (reference attached list)
    4. Follow Health Department Recommendations while keeping your Senior Manager & Matthew Holbrook updated
    5. Keep confidential the identity of anyone infected
  6. Work-at-home is to be encouraged, but:
    1. That option must be approved by your Department/Division Head
    2. Is limited to team members who have Action-issued lap tops unless approved by Department/Division Head, Paul Firth AND Brad Perry
  7. If there are requests that you need for any resource supplies, go through your supervisor.  Your supervisor can then coordinate with IT or Nicole for any needed resources.

Again, thank you all for all you are doing!  Please continue to send me input and recommendations.  Thank you!


March 13, 2020 – Recommendations

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