Hi Managers – 

New information keeps coming regarding how to handle privacy and notification issues related to confirmed cases of residents in your building having COVID-19.  We want to keep you up to date as much as possible.  Here are the key things to remember if someone tests positive in your building:

1)     Keep all medical information about the resident confidential until otherwise directed by your Board.  (Including, as much as possible, with your own team).

2)     Get input from your HOA’s attorney and relay input to your Board.  We have provided you with a lot of information to date regarding how and what to communicate to your building about someone who is infected.  However, as we talk to more attorneys and to officials with various Health Departments, we are getting advice that is all over the place.  Everything from “keep all information totally confidential and do not say a word to anyone in the building” to “notify the building generally and specifically tell everyone on the floor what unit has an infection”.  And everything in between.   We want to pass on information to Boards as best as we can and allow them, with their attorney, to make the best decision for their building.

3)     If you get an infected resident to sign the release form that we provided, it gives your association a little better standing to release information about the infection to other residents.  Still, have that release reviewed by the HOA attorney and get input how to proceed. We have split the original release form into two parts so that a resident could now have the option of authorizing one part of the release and not the other.  The new version with two parts is attached here to this email.

4)     Be sure to notify your supervisor immediately when you have a confirmed positive COVID-19 case in your building.

Thank you all for the work you are doing every day.



Resident Notification of Confirmed COVID-19 Diagnosis – 3.27.20.pdf

March 30, 2020 – Updates on Resident Notifications about Confirmed COVID-19 Diagnosis

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