Preparation for Possible Building Shut-Down

What happens if there is an order that restricts or severely limits our team from being able to service your building?  How can we at least think through and prepare for such a possibility?

You might want to start by thinking about what you would consider the minimum amount of staffing necessary to keep the building operating.  For example, if you currently have 2 Front Desk Associates per shift during the day and a Doorman, you could probably go down to just one Front Desk Associate.  We suggest you write this out in a simple form so that you can discuss with your Board as an emergency plan.

The reduced staffing model is intended to be only for a scenario in which it is situationally required or mandated.

Some considerations and actions:

  1. If needed, General Managers and some other staff could work from home to support the building operations.  
    1. What would this look like for your building?  
    2. Who would be able to work from home starting tomorrow?
    3. Where would phone calls go?  How could they be processed?
  2. What building operations can be reviewed with a Board member or committee member to provide familiarity in case we are limited in our on-site presence?  
    1. Talk to your Board members to identify one or more members who could be given this information.  
    2. Prepare documentation as much as possible for building operations in this scenario.
    3. Some operational steps to review with a volunteer:
      1. KeyTrack (or similar) – how do they gain access?
      2. Package delivery and tracking – how does our On-Site Portal work?
      3. Food service delivery – have they adopted a policy that owners must receive their own deliveries in the lobby?  Maybe they should consider it.
      4. Key building mechanical information.  
        1. Arrange a basic tour with volunteer and building engineer.  Consider the following:
          1. Where’s the Fire Control Room?  How do you make an announcement?
          2. Where are the domestic water booster pumps?
          3. HVAC system – brief overview of cooling towers/boilers. If people don’t have heat, how to tell if the boilers are on to report to your Engineer who would not be on-site at the time?
          4. Do you have a flood response kit?  Where is it?
          5. Where are the domestic hot water boilers? How can you tell if they are working normally?
  3. What needs to be considered regarding refuse in this scenario?
  4. What needs to be considered regarding moves in/out in this scenario?
  5. Is there a scenario in which we would look for any staff members to live at the building for a period of time?  (In the club room or other suitable space?)  If so, what preparation would be needed?
  6. Develop a Communication Plan
    1. What do residents need to know in this scenario?
March 20, 2020 – Preparation for Possible Building Shut-Down

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