Hi Action Team Members – 

I am proud of our Action team.  In these recent volatile weeks, I have witnessed many examples of extraordinary teamwork, true caring about people, excellent service, and extreme creativity and innovation to solve problems.  Our values are being lived out across the state.  Thank you all so much!  

A few updates to give to all of you:

  • A Public Health Order was issued today in Orange County restricting gatherings and businesses in the County.  Please note that Action Property Management’s services are exempt from these restrictions and our home office remains open and operating.  Many of our Irvine team members are working from home, but our support of all regional offices and on-site managed buildings and communities remains the same.  
  • A Shelter in Place Order was issued yesterday in the City and County of San Francisco (and surrounding counties).  Action Property Management’s services have been defined as “essential” and our operations in the city continue.

As of right now, all other regions remain operational as normal.  If further Health Orders are issued in other regions that would impact our operations, we will provide updates.

The recognition of our value is gratifying in that our services are deemed “essential”.   This is not something that we take lightly.  Our mission is to improve the quality of peoples’ lives.  What better time to be able to do that than when the need is the greatest?  Many of you are stepping up to that mission and living it out.  Some have asked if we should continue to work when social distancing and sheltering in place are the call for the common good.  Those practices are appropriate for the times in which we live – but we have an opportunity and ability to contribute in other significant ways for the common good.  And in being deemed “essential,” governmental leadership is asking that we make those contributions.  

More people are in their homes now.  The needs for managing operations, packages, food delivery, janitorial, maintenance, finances, and more have never been greater.  Our services are needed – and there are opportunities for us to perform them with creativity and excellence in ways that can actually contribute to better social distancing in our buildings and communities and improve health dynamics for everyone. I hope that you take pride in the position you are in to make a real difference.  I know that our residents are in good hands.

Still, some questions arise from Action Team Members regarding how you might be personally affected by circumstances with this virus. Please see the attachment for a few common questions that are being asked and the answers to these questions.

We don’t know what tomorrow holds.  But we know that if we continue to live our values – to care about people, to serve with excellence, to find innovative solutions, and to remain a team – then we can hold our heads high, knowing that we are facing the world’s biggest challenges in the best ways.  

Thank you all!


March 17, 2020 – Updates Related to COVID-19 and Action

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