Action Team Members ā€“ 

We live in challenging days.  It is in these times that values prove to be true ā€“ or not.  I want to address some matters concerning the coronavirus, but I first want to be clear about one thing:  We are committed to the values we talk about ā€“ especially today.  We will care about people. We remain passionate about excellence in all that we do.  We will, in these times especially, embrace innovation and creativity to find better ways.  And we will not forget that we are a team.  We must remain a team.

Regarding the virus: please know that we are monitoring things very closely regarding how all of this affects our team members and our clients.  We are reading everything from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and from the World Health Organization.   We are talking to many experts.  We are consulting with other business leaders.  We are paying attention to local, state, and federal governmental agencies. We are engaging with doctors.  We want to have the best information so we can make the best decisions.

Paul Firth distributed links to information from the CDC earlier this week. There is a lot of helpful and relevant information there.  I encourage you to look at it.  

Also, please note that we are taking extra precautions everywhere we have team members.  We are contracting for additional cleaning services in each Action office to provide frequent disinfection of door handles, desks and other commonly touched surfaces.  When possible, we are providing hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, and even gloves to help protect Action Team Members.  If your location is short on any of these supplies, please have your office manager or location manager contact Nicole Miranda.  Note that, because of demand, we are also struggling to obtain many of these kinds of products, but Nicole will do her best to coordinate efforts and meet needs as quickly as possible.   

For many Action team members, it really is not possible to do your job unless you are physically at work.  So, we will do everything we can to facilitate a healthy working environment. But where it makes sense, department leadership will be looking to encourage some Action Team Members to work from home.  Considerations regarding technology and ability to be productive from home and other relevant factors will be taken, but we do want to implement these options where we can.

For all of you: if you are sick, please contact HR and stay home.  This is the purpose of sick days and it is important to use them.  Note that if you become infected or quarantined or if you have a dependent that is sick or quarantined that you must care for, then you can apply for Disability Benefits from the State of California.  HR can help you with those details if that arises. 

Please reference the attached recommendations for Action team members regarding the coronavirus. We want you to be healthy!  We will continue to monitor information and guidelines from the CDC and other agencies and actively do what is best for our team.  We will live our values, working together, caring about each other, providing excellent service and getting creative to find solutions.

Iā€™m thankful for all of you.


March 12, 2020 – Message from Matthew

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